Teeth Whitening Using Hydrogen Peroxide or Turmeric

I constantly receive a lot of emails from different people regarding the use of hydrogen peroxide and whether or not it’s better to use turmeric as opposed to hydrogen peroxide. Like I’ve said in my previous articles it really depends on the individual and the type of result that they’re trying to achieve. If you’re only trying to achieve subtle results then I highly recommend that you try turmeric first because the results that you’re looking for is highly achievable but before you do please make sure you read my turmeric teeth whitening hoax article. But if you’re looking for more substantial results then I highly recommend you use hydrogen peroxide and in this article I will explain more about the two.

5 Natural Ways To Whiten Your Teeth In Conjunction With Turmeric

There are many natural things you could actually use in conjunction with turmeric to actually help whiten your teeth even more. Below I will list five different natural ways you can whiten your teeth in conjunction with turmeric. Now just to be clear these five different ways are not the only way but these are the ways that I personally believe is most effective.

4 Places You Should Avoid Buying Turmeric From For Teeth Whitening

In my last article I described 4 places where you should actually purchase turmeric from but now in this article I will go in depth in name the top four places that you should avoid buying turmeric from. The reasons why I highly recommend you don’t purchase from these places is because there is a lot of fraud going on in the food industry for example in China there is fake rice being sold. The rice looks like real rice and even taste like real rice but is made out of plastic which can kill you. Now I’m not saying that’s the case with the turmeric being sold but it’s better to be safe and purchase it from trusted sources as illustrated in my previous article.

4 Places Where You Should Purchase Turmeric To Use For Teeth Whitening

As you probably already know there are tons of places where you can buy turmeric but not all places are good to purchase it. Some places sell higher-quality turmeric than other places not to mention some places are also cheaper than other places. In this article I will list 4 places where you should buy turmeric from not only because you get better quality but because you usually get it for cheaper price than what you would get at most commercial grocery stores.

Is Turmeric Teeth Whitening Worth The Effort

At the end of the day you probably already know by now that turmeric actually works to clean your teeth and therefore helps whiten your teeth. Now the bigger question that some are asking is whether or not it’s worth using turmeric in the first place or is it better to use other options. For example, you could easily purchase a teeth whitening kit that allows you to use it for several times before having to throw it away and you will realize that the price difference when compared to the purchasing turmeric is not that different with the exception that the whitening kit is for more effective.

3 Whitening Kits That Work Better Than Turmeric

As you probably know there are many whitening methods out there such as using turmeric or activated charcoal for your teeth whitening. The one thing that could be said is that these methods do not hold up against a traditional whitening kit. You can only expect to see maybe one or two shades lighter if that when using things such as turmeric and activated charcoal. For those of you who are looking for serious ways to whiten your teeth your only choice is going to be to use a teeth whitening kit. Below I will list some of the most popular and most effective teeth whitening kits in order.

Don’t Over Use Turmeric When Teeth Whitening

I want to give out a special warning to people that are using turmeric on the regular for whitening purposes. Despite turmeric being a great natural way to whiten your teeth one thing you really need to consider is the fact that turmeric is actually abrasive and therefore if used on a daily basis it can start to do damage to your enamel. I know I have mentioned this in previous articles but I started to receive emails from people saying that they are using it on a daily basis and that is not something that I ever advocated in any one of my articles. In all actuality if you are using turmeric for whitening reasons then you only should use it “as needed”.