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  • Haywire (2012) – Movie Review


    Now let me be honest  with you look for the best movies, when I first heard about this and all I knew about it was that it had to do with spy’s and iowa davenport roofing Michele Fox Bender. With  these 2 combinations you can tell that the movie is going to be awesome and need I say more.

    The movie Haywire is directed by Steven Sodaberg who happens http://www.yelp.com/biz/boca-raton-seo-and-web-design-company-boca-raton to be a great director who happens to own alot of  websites. If you haven’t heard of Steven, well he is known as the “oceans 11” guy since that was a great movie that many people liked. Now reviewing a spy movie is harder than you would have thought since if you give away to much information you automatically https://twitter.com/bocaratonseo561 ruined the movie. This is why you don’t see me do to many reviews about spy movies since a lot of people tend to get mad when I give away the movie by mistake.

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  • Streaming Media


    Streaming media seems to be the latest advancement in technology since almost every device can stream. Almost all the devices in this day and age of allows you to connect to the Internet through Wi-Fi or through other mediums. Just the other day I found out that some refrigerators have the capability of sending text messages to other mobile devices. To me that’s a very stupid thing to have on your refrigerator but when it comes to the then again it shows you how technology has advanced and what used to be expensive is now much cheaper. People just love streaming, whether it’s movies or television shows if they can be stream people would like to get their hands on it.

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  • Action Movies Bad?


    I must say that I really do hate the movies because sometimes it really bring so  much negativity to people’s mind and this is why I tend to avoid. I never tell people what they should watcher or what they shouldn’t watch because everyone is entitled to their own opinion I just believe that if you watch something for too long it starts to affect you on a deeper subconscious level with. What is true or not is very debatable since everyone doesn’t agree with that theory.

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  • Safe (2012) – Movie Review


    This movie stars Jason who we all know from  the movie “the mechanic” which was the box office best seller and also had the most tv links floating around . Like most people I thought this movie was going to be like transporter 28 or something seeing how did very well in the original transporter movie. To be honest this movie is a bit stereotypical but the movie is awesome nonetheless with high packed action scenes that we all love to watch.

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  • Using Mobile Devices To Watch Movies

    A recent poll study suggests  that and more people are watching from their tablets and their mobile device.

    The reason why more people are watching good movies with their mobile devices is due to the fact that they can continue to watch the movie wherever they go, I know that there is nothing worse than starting a movie on free online movie websites and then  having to stop to do something in between. With an iPad for instant if you have to go walked the dog you can do so while continuing to watch your movie on your iPad.

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  • Monsters University At The Top In Box Office

    Surprisingly the movie Monsters University is at the top in the box offices doing astounding numbers in its first week, I guess people no longer find anymore. I have to be honest I did not think this movie would do so well but the numbers have proven me wrong. What really surprised me is the movie “The Heat” it came in second and I really believed it was going to come first. The reason why monsters University probably came in first was due to the fact that it’s a movie you can take to see your whole family even the youngest of the young while the heat movie is more action oriented and would be much more suited for a mature audience. Monsters University did 171 million on the first week followed by an additional 47 million on the second week.

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  • Warner Bros. have now come to terms with the movie Pirates

    Warner Bros. have now come to terms with the movie pirates. Warner Bros. said that they use piracy as well as movie download statistics as a tool to see the demand of what people want. They admitted that Pirates are not necessarily evil so to speak and actually help them better themselves as a company. Warner Bros. has stated that they have adjusted their legal offering to better compete with piracy.

    For those of you who do not know there is something called an antipiracy content protection Summit where all content producers gathered together and find ways to help protect and better their content. One of the things that will be discussed or that is currently being discussed is how to the accurately and effectively prevent the content creators material from being pirated or sold illegally. Most Pirates believed that content companies and distributors like Warner Bros. view them as the enemy when does this is not necessarily the case.

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  • What happened to Movie2K.to?

    What happened to movie2K.to?

    That seems to be the question on everyone’s mind and the answer is very simple, movie2K.to has been threatened by law enforcement that if they do not shut down they will face legal action due to allowing people to watch movies online without the copyright holders permisson plus showing users unreleased movies. This is important even when dealing with any type of site, no matter what it is, it’s important to follow the law. In the administrators mind even if they decided to shut the site down they would still face legal action regardless so law enforcement decided to take it a step further and contact the domain registrar which and put large amount of pressures to seize the domain which they successfully did. The downside (at least for law enforcement) was that the site administrators reopening under a new domain within less than a week with the new name of movie4k, but the question is what are some good movies to watch if you watched them all for free already?

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  • What Can Collagen Supplement Do For You?

    Studies are showing that collagen may actually be the closest thing we have to the fountain of youth. The reason why is because collagen is found throughout our entire body and without collagen our skin starts to sag and we start to look older, this is why you need a good collagen supplement. The more collagen you have the better your skin looks because collagen is what keeps your skin hydrated but also keeps your other body parts, functioning as they should. So many people spend thousands of dollars trying to go to the doctor to figure out why they’re not as youthful as they once were or why their body aren’t functioning at optimal levels when it comes to best collagen supplement for joints. It always comes back to a lack of collagen, even if you’re young if you for some odd reason have a low amount of collagen you’ll look much older than you actually are.

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  • What Makes The Best Teeth Whitening Product?

    The honest truth about some teeth whitening products is the fact that they simply just don’t work which makes it difficult. There are several reasons why some teeth whitening products simply don’t work and sometimes this is simply because the user hasn’t followed the instructions properly and if you use only reputable products it will also include this as well, this is why we recommend you due your due diligence and perform a google search. This is why am a big fan of instructional DVDs because I feel like people will probably be able to use products more effectively if they came with visual instructions on how to use them. This is why I am an advocate of companies including instructional DVDs within their products packaging always include this. One company that’s notorious for doing this is Mint Cosmetics teeth whitening kit, which is considered one of the on the market.

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  • Finding New Movies!


    Finding new movies online has been easier each and every day, before it was hard to find the movies you want to watch but now it’s much easier. I use to spend hours on the internet trying to find new movies before I found out that YouTube are not allowing you to watch movies for a fee. YouTube is making a killing offering movies to the people and the people get what they want so it’s a win for everybody.

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  • Rise in Independent Films


    I don’t know if it’s me but there seems to be a rise in independent films in the last 2 years or so. I think the reason for this is that everyone want to be a YouTube megastar. Not to mention, there are some people making their entire living from making YouTube videos. All they have to do is join google ads and they automatically start making money when X amount of users start watching their videos which I think is very cool since this give people a way to make money.

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  • Censorship in the U.K


    It seems that the UK has stepped up its censorship game, they are now starting a blog access to VPN which is the last secure form of public privacy. Their excuse was that people can access movies and things of that nature despite them setting up a block. They say that VPN act as a threat because if a mandatory block is enforced it would be easily bypassed with the VPN rendering their efforts useless. So they see VPN there is a very big threat and will do whatever it takes by any means to make them obsolete.